The iconic musician of KISS, Gene Simmons has shared a special photo of his new boots on his official Twitter account, and announced that he will use them in their future world tour.

Here’s his statement:

“My new rebuilt boots will look like this. Why new boots? Because when you’re touring the final world tour that’ll last 2 year.

You don’t want to break your neck when one of your 7” heels breaks in half during a show…That’s why.”

A fan named John Jansky commented:

“Your monster boots were part of the reason I became a fan when I was 7 years old. It got my attention 42 years ago.

Everything else kept me interested. A comic book hero came to life. Kiss crossed boundaries and did it the best way possible.”

Another fan Belinda Loveluck said that:

“I saw your band for the first time in Manchester. You were awesome, one of the best nights ever and I had serious hair and boot envy.”

You can see the tweet below.

You can watch Gene’s latest interview video below.