KISS member Gene Simmons posted a new photo on his verified Twitter page, and he revealed his makeup inspiration for the first time ever.

After almost forty years, KISS co-founder has shared a photo of himself with the iconic makeup artist, Lon Chaney, and he revealed that Lon was the source of his inspiration.

Here’s what Gene wrote:

“Here is more from my inspiration: Lon Chaney Sr, the Man Of 1,000 Faces!!!”

A Twitter user named Ghost_Musician commented and said this:

“You got me into old horror films & revived my childhood interest in comics, but don’t like the modern stuff. Rock’s dead but it’s still your craft. Do it for fun! You’re all set up. Release one last project. Write some spontaneous new material. Instant Rock.”

Another fan named GaryGentilePGA wrote this:

“One of the all-time greats along with Boris Karloff and Bela Lugosi… Add Gene Simmons to that list.”

Check out the tweet of Gene below.