The legendary bass player of rock veteran band KISS, Gene Simmons has posted an interesting video that showed the last status of his home after heavy rain via his verified and official Twitter account.

In the video, Gene Simmons has talked about the last status of the house. As you might check out the video below, the house looked like a wreck, and he captioned a strange question to his lovely dog named, George in his tweet.

Here’ s what he asked:

“It’s cold and rainy in LA. Right, George?”

A user named Amy commented on this tweet:

“Huskies are gorgeous. But the Husky in our family thrives in the cold weather and doesn’t care about the rain.

There are as many varied personalities as people, eh?”

Another user named Dal said:

“I love your estate. I don’t envy it being in California. I can only imagine your tax liabilities.

I have a vacation home in Argentina. No taxes.”

You can see the video and tweet right below.