Speaking to Thisismoney.co.uk, KISS bassist Gene Simmons has revealed the most expensive thing he bought for fun.

Here’s what he tells:

“I do not buy diamonds, gold or go on luxury vacations. I have an expensive comic book collection comprising lots of the original Marvel comics.

But I did not put together that collection just for fun – it is an investment worth two or three million pounds.”

He also revealed what he wants for UK and said:

I would keep the UK in the European Union. I understand Europe is a mess, but remaining in the EU would be better for the British economy.”

Back in November 2018, he has commented on people saying ‘KISS’ farewell tour is fake ending again’.

He said that ‘It doesn’t matter what people say, we don’t listen to it’ and continued:

“You just got to run your own race and you don’t look over your shoulder. Honestly, we’re doing the last tour because we want to go out on top. But it doesn’t matter if you believe it, we’re doing it for us.

We want to give the fans one last spectacular shake the heavens tour and go out gracefully with pride. And thank the fans who’ve made our lives possible.

So whether you believe it or not, whether you believe in Santa Claus or not, this is the biggest, the badass KISS show will ever do then at the end of that gracefully bow out.”

Click here to entire interview. (This Is Money)