KISS’ frontman and co-founder Gene Simmons posted a tweet on his official Twitter account and revealed the side he picks for the ongoing battle between Marvel and DC Comics.

Gene Klein, known as Gene Simmons or his stage persona ‘The Demon’, is the bassist-singer of the famous rock band KISS. It is known that he is a big fan of Marvel as the band teamed with Marvel in the 1970s for the release of a series of Marvel Comics in where band members appeared. The band had also collaborated with Marvel for a collection of new accessories, drinkware, and posters as announced in one of Simmons’ tweets back in 2020. In 1977, Marvel even published a comic book titled ‘Marvel Comics Super Special!: KISS’ which gives the fans an opportunity to observe band members as superheroes.

Admitting in every chance that he is a comic book geek, Gene is also known to attend Comic Cons. He even wrote a letter to Stan Lee, which he tweeted a picture of, trying to get a role for the Fantastic Four movie in 1982. Gene considers himself a big fan of Stan Lee and says that he sees him as an inspiration. So, when he got a reply from Stan Lee, he claimed that he felt ‘as if he was touched by the very Gods of Olympus at that moment.’

In his latest tweet, Gene tweeted a video from AP Entertainment showing Marvel’s superheroes in Disneyland. In the video, Spiderman can be seen as flying in the sky and walking on the walls, along with the appearance of Dr. Strange and the royal guard of Wakanda. Gene stated in the tweet that he is a Marvel geek and he loved the video. In another tweet, he posted a picture of Stan Lee and himself right next to Nick Simmons’ quote about Stan Lee’s favorite hobby, writing captions on post-its and putting them onto printed photographs.

In the first tweet, he wrote:

“What can I say. I am a Marvel geek. I love this.”

Later on, the next tweet on his official Twitter account was:

“The Legendary Stan Lee and yours truly. I had the privilege and honor of knowing The Man since 1977.”

You can see the tweets below.