The iconic co-founding member of KISS, Gene Simmons posted a recent video from his Japan trip and revealed the well-known figure of the Asian country, ‘the toilet.’

You might check out the video of Gene below, he showed his bathroom to his followers and also shared how toilets in his hotel room look like.

As you may already know that these famous Japan toilets also called ‘super toilet’ in America.

Here is what Gene said in the video:

“We are in Japan. This is my toilet.

Please don’t tell me this doesn’t scare the shit out of you!”

And here is what Gene wrote:

My Japanese toilet.

A user named Kathie wrote this:

“If I were someone who possesses a dangling participle, I’d most definitely be scared shitless of that contraption with automatic jaws.😱😂Run awayyyy🏃💨”

You can watch the video right below.