Speaking to This Is Money, KISS bassist Gene Simmons has revealed the bizarre story about why a royal family paid him millions of pounds.

Interviewer asked:

“Have you ever been paid silly money?”

Gene responded:

“Yes. There was a royal event I had to speak at for an hour and they paid me millions of pounds. It is not proper to say which royal family it was, but they just wanted me there. God knows why. I did not even perform, I just spoke.”

Interviewer said:

“What is the one little luxury you treat yourself to?”

Gene said:

“Frozen yogurt. I am a glutton for it – I do not drink, smoke or get high. I like to put lots of toppings on it: hot fudge, caramel and cherry sauce, pieces of fruit, crushed walnuts and Oreos.

It looks beautiful when I get it, but I mix it all up so it looks disgusting.”

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