Gene Simmons, the bassist and co-lead singer of the legendry band KISS, shared a video on his official Twitter page and apparently saw hope for humanity through the young cyclist in the video.

Gene Simmons‘ official Twitter page is full of news that he finds worthy to comment on and share whether it is political or a glimpse of mystery. Simmons likes sharing interesting news on his page with rather humorous comments with them and fans love being updated in Simmons’ way.

The video Simmons recently reposted shows a young cyclist who spotted a purse sitting on the back of a parked car picking it up and running it to the front door of its owner’s home before dashing away.

Since the incident is not normal in our world where everybody minds their own business, Gene Simmons reposted the video on his official Twitter page and saw the cyclist’s action as a hope for humanity and referred to the young cyclist as a good soul.

Here is what Simmons said about the video:

“There is hope for Humanity, after all. There are still good souls out there. Wow!”

You can see the Twitter post below.