KISS legend Gene Simmons has shared new photos on his official Twitter account and revealed the little-known secret about the Marvel Universe.

As you might already know, Stan Lee is a creative leader for the Marvel and also the creator of most of the famous characters in the Marvel Universe, such as Spiderman, Hulk, Thor, Iron Man, and many more. Two years ago, Stan passed away and left his legacy in this world.

The pictures Gene shared, was one of the first series that ‘Hulk’ has appeared. If you can check out the picture below, you can see that this character was different from the current ‘Hulk.’

As Gene stated in, this Hulk was the original one which was created by Stan Lee. As you can see, Hulk has brown skin with a hairy body and looking like a giant.

Here is what Gene Simmons said:

“The original HULK, also created by Stan Lee!”

A fan named Brian Eleazer replied:

“But he ain’t green. Wonder if Stan lost his green crayons?”

Another fan named Jim added this comment:

“I believe the first Banner Hulk was grey but due to potential inking issues, he later became the more savage green we all know today. Great find though, Gene.”

You can check his tweet below.