The phenomenon bass player of KISS, Gene Simmons has posted new photos of his new surprise gift that he took from a veteran soldier Mitchell Kieffer.

Gene said that he shocked by this gift, and said:

“USAF Capt,. Mitchell Kieffer came to one of our shows. I was shocked to see he gave me his Purple Heart Medal Of Honor! I did nothing to deserve this. We honour you. Thank you for your service.”

A fan named Steve made a little correction about that ‘medal’, and said:

“That is not the actual medal. It is a numbered coin that the Airman had made that represents the medal. It is designed to give to those who accomplish something of significance to him. It would be offensive to give it back. It should be kept and honored as @genesimmons is doing.”

Another fan named Micheal wrote a very supportive message for Gene, and said:

“I get you do alot for veterans and that’s good but as a child of a Vietnam Vet what puts you above someone who spilled blood and gave EVERYTHING for this country while you were teaching kids and scratching your balls in NY?? Those medals deserve to be given to soldiers who EARNED”

Another fan has reacted to Gene:

“You should return it then, tell him “Thank you, but I do not deserve this.” just because someone wants to give you something does not mean you have to take it. I served in the U.S. Army from 1994 to 1996 and the only people that will get my medals are my daughters.”

Check out the original tweet of Gene below.