KISS‘s iconic bass guitarist Gene Simmons responded to a fan’s comment correcting his way of using the word ‘America‘ and demonstrated his historical knowledge with a great example.

As you may recall, the co-founder and bassist of KISS, Gene Simmons has been using his social media accounts to express his personal opinions on certain political and social issues in the United States.

Recently on Twitter, Simmons shared a news article from CNN depicting the story of a California man who donated his entire collection of baseball cards to a little girl whose collection burned down in a wildfire. In his tweet, Gene mentioned that America was ‘still the greatest country‘ in the world.

However, a fan named Juan Pablo Abu-Eid commented on Gene’s tweet by correcting his usage of the word ‘America.’ The fan reminded Simmons that America was a large continent and the United States was only one of the countries in it.

KISS legend responded to the fan’s comment by showing off his knowledge of American history. Gene stated that Amerigo Vespucci was probably related to the word ‘America’ and the land in the southern part of America was called ‘South America.’

Here’s what Gene Simmons stated in his latest tweet:

“Thank you. But historically speaking, Amerigo Vespucci, an Italian mapmaker, was probably responsible in some way for the word America.

Therefore, land south of America would become known as South America. And Central America.”

You can see the tweet Gene Simmons posted on his Twitter account below.