KISS bassist Gene Simmons has reacted to commentators of MTV’s TV series “Ridiculousness” on Twitter. Gene wrote:

“Can’t help it. I binge watch MTV’s RIDICULOUSNESS.

But I have to admit, I mute all the talking between the videos. I just want to see the crazy stuff people do and laugh, without comment. Maybe it’s just me.”

See the tweet below.

Back on January 8, Gene talked in an interview with Los Angeles Time, and shared a little-known truth about his personal lifestyle. He said:

“I’m my mother’s only child. I was concerned I had no right to harm my mother. Life did that enough.

I literally never drink. Privately or publicly. I simply don’t like the taste or the smell of anything with alcohol in it. I have never been drunk in my life and have never taken more than a sip of anything, and hated it every time. I will toast just to be social, but that’s it.”

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