KISS bassist and co-founder Gene Simmons had a recent talk with Guitar World and talked about his long-time relationship with Paul Stanley.

Legendary bassist revealed where he would be if he had not meet with Paul Stanley many years ago.

Guitar World:

“Well, there you go. Had you not met Paul all those years ago, where would Gene Simmons be right now?”

Gene Simmons:

“Where would I be? Nowhere. Because there is something called chemistry. Although it’s fair to say Paul and I are completely different people. But we’re two different sides of the same coin. I don’t have any brothers or sisters on my mother’s side.

But certainly Paul would be the brother I never had. And we constantly disagree about all sorts of things, but we share the important values that make great relationships last a lifetime. Love of family. Don’t abandon your kids. Show up on time. Do the work. Be gracious. Have a work ethic. Do all that stuff.

And if you’re lucky, goddammit, and if you’re blessed to have the right thing at the right place at the right time, then you’re even more lucky if you find somebody else you can work with. Because if Jagger has an off night, the Stones aren’t so good.

But if I have an off night, I know Paul’s going to push it through to the goal. Same as when he has an off night. And don’t kid yourself — Tommy and Eric often give us good kicks in the pants, too.”

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