One of the most talented Rockstars of all time, Gene Simmons’ beloved wife, Shannon Lee Tweed Simmons has shared a funny video about her dear friend George on her official Instagram page.

In the video, Her dog, “George” has took Shannon’s watermelon off her plate went over towards his toy box.

Here’s what she wrote with video:

“George took my watermelon off my plate went over towards his toy box. sat down on the mat and he’s eating the whole thing even the green part should I be worried?”

A user named dareyonce commented:

“Such a sweet bean ❤️ I have a 14 year old cocker now in diapers and cysts growing all over him. It’s so hard to see them age.”

Another fan named kiss_my_jackson22 wrote this:

“No my uncle had a dog that ate the whole watermelon just alot isn’t good for him.”

You can watch the video below.