During a recent interview with Las Vegas Review-Journal, KISS guitarist Tommy Thayer has shared his observations on End of The Road tour.

Here’s the statement:

“It started with Gene [Simmons, bass/vocals] and Paul [Stanley, guitar/vocals], obviously.

I know that they wanted to go out with a tour celebrating 45 years of doing it while the band is still in prime form, go out and do a show that’s above and beyond anything we’ve done and do it while we can still do a show as well as we ever could. We cover a lot of ground in the show. We’re covering all the eras.

He continued:

End Of The Road is a more emotional experience than previous KISS tours because fans know that every time we play in a city it’s going to be the last time KISS goes on tour and plays there.

It’s really the last opportunity for KISS fans to come see the band. It’s a lot of emotions, but that’s kind of what’s charging us on this and getting us pumped up. We spent a lot of time getting ready for this.”

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