Last week, former KISS member Ace Frehley had an interview with KATT Rock 100.5 and said that KISS didn’t sell out Medison Square Garden and told that:

 “When I was in the band, we used to do three nights [there]. I don’t understand. I’ve offered my services, and they just haven’t made the decision to bring me back.

And that’s okay, because I’m having a lot of fun as a solo artist. But also am concerned about the fans as well. I wanna give the fans the biggest bang for their buck, and they’re not getting it at this juncture.”

Tommy Thayer had an interview with 4Sound and responded to Ace Frehley.

Here is what he said:

“This tour, the ‘End Of The Road’ world tour that we’re doing, we just did 45 shows in North America [to] over half a million fans. Most of all of ’em were sold out, including Madison Square Garden was actually sold out. But it’s been a great tour.”

You can watch the interview below:

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