Veteran rock legends, KISS has shared a new statement on Instagram, and gave an answer to rumors about drummer Eric Singer’s health status.

KISS’ official Instagram page posted Eric Singer’s photo with this caption:

“HOAX! Eric Singer is absolutely fine and there is no truth to any fake health reports. There is no stopping us and we will take down Montreal tomorrow night!”

Two weeks ago, KISS frontman Paul Stanley spoke in an interview with StarTribune, and responded to speculations about his voice health.

He explained how he care of his voice, and said:

“I try not to talk to guys like you, for one. It’s hard to stay away from smoke, because the arenas are filled with it. But I do shut up as much as possible, and try other things.

There’s no denying, whether you’re an athlete or singer, that life goes on, and you aren’t who you once were. That’s life.

I always say if you want to hear me sound like I did on ‘Alive!’, go listen to ‘Alive!’ That said, I have no problem doing what I’m doing and standing by it. The songs sound awesome.“

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