During their conversation with ‘Ultimate Prince,’ the co-founder of KISS, Ace Frehley, disclosed an intriguing detail about Prince regarding their first encounter.

As you all know, Prince was a multi-instrumentalist and an extremely powerful musician of his time. Being highly influential in his generation, his music was exclusively a mixture of many distinct genres from the hip hop and R&B to rock.

It is widely acknowledged that Ace Frehley as a milestone in the classic rock band KISS, possesses his own exceptional style. As the persona created by him, what The Spaceman thinks of Prince is an object of interest. He begins the interview by praising Prince and pointing out his unique style.

Here is what the former lead guitarist mentions about Prince:

“Whenever you heard a Prince song, you knew it was Prince right away – the way he sang and the way he put songs together, his production. It was Prince all the way. He had his own style, and he excelled at it.”

In addition to his tribute, Frehley confesses the surprising revelation of Prince’s shortness that he became aware of during their meeting. Although Frehley mentions wearing heels as well, with Prince’s height being around 5′ 3” (160 m) and Frehley’s being 6′ (1.85 m) the two icons meeting lead up to an ‘awkward’ encounter.

Here is what he adds in relation to his memory of the legendary musician:

“It was a little awkward because I didn’t realize he was that short. I was like a foot taller than him because I had heels on.”

Second to the Origins, Vol. 1 studio album that was released in 2016, Frehley’s upcoming album Origins, Vol. 2 is released today. The Limited Edition version of the album was announced on Instagram and was available for preorder for a while. The edition consists of 180G color in color vinyl pressing of the new album as well as exclusive variant artwork.

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