Israeli-American musician and legendary co-founder of KISS, Gene Simmons’ lovely daughter Sophie Tweed Simmons posted yet another sexy-looking video on her official Instagram page.

The famous social media personality revealed that she had a bad nail-biting habit.

Here is what Sophie simply wrote in the caption of the video:

“Bad habit 🖤”

A user named soldierboy79 commented and wrote this:

“I’ll hate Playboy magazine forever for not offering Sophie a shoot. They screwed up!!! She’s GORGEOUS!!!”

Another user named joleigh1119 responded:

“@soldierboy79 or maybe they did and she just didn’t feel like doing it?”

soldierboy79 responded back:

“@joleigh1119 possible…I read they someplace they didn’t wanna ask her is why I say that. No clue really and honestly will never know.”

Here is the video below.

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bad habit 🖤

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