KISS bassist Gene Simmons shared a post on his official Twitter page rooting for his hometown, Israel, for a technological development back in the day which is the first developed cell-phones.

As you may know, Gene Simmons was born in Tirat Carmel, Israel back in 1949 and raised in a Jewish household. At the age of eight, Simmons emigrated to the United States, yet he still can speak both Hebrew and English.

Although he was away from his hometown, Simmons managed to stay connected to his roots, furthermore, he visited his birth country back in 2011 which he described as a life-changing experience.

Here is what Simmons previously stated about his roots:

“I’m Israeli. I’m a stranger in America. I’m an outsider.”

Since Gene Simmons is proud of his roots and happy to be an Israeli, he recently shared a post on his official Twitter page revealing that the original cell-phone technology was actually first developed in Israel at Motorola’s Israel R&D center.

Here is what was written in the post:

“It was at Motorola’s Israel R&D center that Israeli engineers first developed original cell-phone technology. Most of the technology in your mobile phone can be traced back to Israeli engineering.”

Furthermore, Gene shared the post and stated that the most important thing in nearly everyone’s life in today’s world, referring to cell-phones, was a product of Israeli technology and Israeli engineers back in the day.

Here is what Simmons said:

“The technology in your cell phone was Israel.”

This wasn’t the first time Gene took his social media account to praise the achievements of his fellow citizens. For the last couple of days, KISS icon shared various news related to the accomplishments of Israeli scientists in different areas. In one of his recent tweets, Simmons mentioned a new procedure that the Israeli scientists used to treat cancer.

Here’s what Gene wrote in his tweet:

Israeli Scientists: New cancer treatment like using ‘tiny scissors’ to target cells.”

You can see the Twitter posts below.