KISS co-founder and bassist Gene Simmons tweeted out a post on his verified Twitter account and reacted to Jersey Mike’s employees, who are not protecting their faces against the coronavirus.

According to TMZ, it’s reported that Jersey Mike’s employees at JAX don’t care about human health wearing any mask, and don’t take precautions against coronavirus pandemic

Gene Simmons jumped to social media to show his reaction to these people and said that it’s important to expose these people who are reckless against the coronavirus.

Here’s what Gene Simmons wrote:

“I believe this is important. In my view, if you guys find anybody doing this, video them and put them on social media… Jersey Mike’s Employees at LAX Not Covering Faces.”

A Twitter user named AllisonScussel commented and said:

“No excuses. We’re recovering from COVID-19 here in NJ. My fiance’ almost died and I’ve been to the ER 3 xms.”

Another user named Patrici59479317 wrote:

“Last week I went to Walmart. Hardly anybody had masks on. Groups chatting in isle’s like nothing was wrong. Unbelievable.”

Check out the Twitter post below.