One of the most iconic musicians of all time and also co-founder of KISS, Gene Simmons, posted a new photo on his official Instagram page and revealed one of his rarest youth photos of all time.

As you might already know, Gene Simmons is not an ‘Instagram guy‘ and he’s hanging on his Twitter account most of the time. This week, he took to his Instagram account and gave an important social message about the coronavirus outbreak with a rare photo.

This post of Gene took almost 30K likes in a very short time. One of the users who pushed the like button was the Anthrax icon, Scott Ian.

Here is what Gene wrote in the caption:

“I hope everyone is taking this seriously. Stay home. Keep a distance between yourselves when you have to go out, for food, etc.

We will get through this together. The more we all follow the directives of our Government and Health Officials the more we will see the curve start to flatten.

An Instagram user named dj_eclipse commented on the post:

“Thank you buddy… Hope you and your family are staying safe as well 🙏🏻🙏🏻”

You can check out the photo right below.