The legendary fronting and co-founding member of KISS, Paul Stanley, was recently interviewed by Richard Marx’s famous talk show named ‘Social Distancing’ and criticized himself over the changing of his vocal performance by the time goes.

As you will read the statements of Paul below, he confessed that he has not the same vocal quality as 30 or 40 years before and not having the same natural athletism is the main reason for it.

Here is what Paul told Richard Marx:

“Is my voice what it was 20 years ago, 30, 40? No. A great athlete can’t replicate what they did in their early years. So I tend to think of myself in that way. Because vocals that I’ve done in the past almost were athletic in nature, and it’s not possible in the same way at this point.

He continued:

“Somebody will come to me and say, ‘You don’t sound like you did on ‘Kiss Alive’.’ ‘Kiss Alive’ is what? Almost 50 years, or 45 years ago. And I said, ‘If you wanna hear me sound like that, put on the album.’ It’s not possible.”

What I found, interestingly, is that the singers that I know who do something similar to what I do, we all commiserate and we all talk to each other, and one of the first things we say when we meet up is, ‘Are you having a hard time hitting those notes?’ ‘Are you still singing in the original keys?’

And one of my friends said, ‘If I knew I would be singing this song in my 70s, I would have written it in a different key.”

You can watch the whole interview below.

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