KISS lead guitarist Tommy Thayer or The Spaceman, recently responded to his fans’ questions through his Instagram account and revealed what Led Zeppelin’s founder Jimmy Page thought about Gene Simmons’ bass playing when he saw them in London.

Tommy Thayer is currently one of the well-known guitarists of our century and he was best known as the co-founder and guitarist of Black ‘n Blue but his fame increased, even more, when he joined KISS. As you know, Tommy Thayer replaced Ace Frehley and joined KISS back in 2002, and he has been touring the world with the band ever since.

The current Spaceman is also an active social media user and he highly enjoys interacting with his fans. Recently, he gave his fans a chance to ask him any questions they had in mind most of which responded to through his Instagram stories. Although there were numerous interesting questions that Thayer answered, there was one that stood out.

One of his fans asked Thayer what he thinks about Gene Simmons’ bass playing. To this, he responded by saying that he genuinely believes that Gene is ‘one of the best.’ To make his argument even stronger, Tommy said that when Jimmy Page went to see them in London, he was astonished by Gene’s bass playing and described it as exceptional.’

Here’s what a fan asked:

“What do you think about Gene’s bass playing?”

To which Thayer responded:

“He’s one of the best. When Jimmy Page saw us in London he said Gene’s bass playing was exceptional.”

You can check out Tommy Thayer’s Instagram Story below.

Photo Credit: Tommy Thayer – Instagram