The official and verified Twitter page of KISS has shared a special concert ticket from their show at The Summit in Houston, Texas, on August 13, 1976.

Actually, this ticket belongs to a Twitter fan named GoldenWayneMos1. Although half of the ticket is torn, we can still see some important details of that great memorabilia.

Here’s what KISS wrote:

“#KISSARMYROCKS! Thanks to @GoldenWayneMos1 for sharing his #KISS ticket from the Aug.13, 1976 show at The Summit in Houston, Texas! When & where did you first see #KISS?”

The same KISS fan, who has the ticket, also gave some details about his 1976 The Summit ticket.

He wrote:

“To bring you back closer to y’alls start. I found these ticket stubs in a box of my old things! I thought these were gone, gone! The kiss ticket is from Aug.13, 1976. It was held at The Summit in Houston, Texas!!! Don’t recall what I paid for the ticket but others were bout $7.00.”

Another fan named rickfriel commented and wrote this:

“August 12,1977 at the Seattle Center Coliseum. Changed my life!”

Check out the tweet below.