KISS’ legendary musician, Gene Simmons’ lovely wife Shannon Tweed Simmons posted a really depressing photo on her official Instagram page today.

Shannon Tweet announced the latest status of KISS icon Gene Simmons, after having hard kidney surgery. As you will see the representative kidney photo below, Shannon revealed that Gene has totally 17 kidney stones.

Here is what Shannon wrote about Gene:

“Many poor huzby. 15 stones in one side 2 giant ones on the other side but he’s up and at en!!

I love my huszby but while visiting you I got very sick…😫 is this what middle age is ?! I’m ready for old age ( with grandbabies !)”

A user named jamie_yooo_mama commented and said that:

“Using a malic acid (mineral chelating) supplement can help prevent the stones from forming. It’s like a mega-dose of natural citric acid.

That’s what really works! I worked in a laboratory for Cleveland Clinic and have seen all sorts of stones and heard all sorts of crazy remedies….they can be SO difficult to treat and every patient’s stones can be comprised of different things. I make calcium oxalate and uric stones. Great luck, huh!?! Ugh…”

You can see the photo below.