The bassist and co-lead vocalist of KISS, Gene Simmons has responded to the highly disrespectful comment of his hater who tried to tease him with his brand new product project.

As you may remember, the iconic musician Gene Simmons released a very special offering to his fans before the outbreak of the global pandemic. The project, which was named ‘Gene Simmons Vault Experience 2020,’ gave the opportunity to meet Simmons after the show when KISS plays in your city.

In addition to this private event, the limited experience also offered a Gene signed vault book, complete with 11 CDS, a chance to take photos with Gene and get him to sign two of your personal items, as well as an action figure and coin.

However, due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, all remaining ‘2020 Vault Experiences’ have been canceled. Wanted to mess around with Simmons about his latest project, a hater, whose name is Frederick, said that Gene Simmons is so out of touch with reality.

He added that Gene should go and count the unsold vaults to keep himself busy. Responded to the tweet of his hater, Simmons recommended him to don’t be jealous and enjoy. Lots of his fans have supported Gene and said he gives the best answers.

Here is what the hater, whose name is Frederick, said to Gene Simmons:

“So out of touch with reality. Go count the unsold vaults. That should keep you busy.”

Gene Simmons responded as:

“Please don’t be jealous, Fred. Enjoy.”

You can see the tweets below.