The legendary co-founder of KISS and a famous celebrity followed by almost 1M users in Twitter, Gene Simmons, posted a recent tweet about trademark infringement.

As you might all familiar with the fake products that imitate the trademarked and official merchandise, KISS is one of the bands who suffer this issue for a long-time.

Today, a Twitter user named Dennis Hogsett wrote a new tweet mentioning Gene Simmons and claimed that a guy is selling fake merch using Gene Simmons’ manipulated photo and making look like Gene is selling it.

Gene Simmons responded to the tweet and threatened the guy by saying that he knows where the guy lives.

Dennis Hogsett wrote this:

“@genesimmonssomeone is selling shirts with your face making it look like you’re selling them. On Facebook Picture attached.

Here is the website. Hoping to win tickets to your Grand Forks ND show Feb 28. Thank you for what you do for us veterans.”

Gene Simmons responded:

“Thanks. We’re on it. We know where this guy lives!

You can check out the tweet of Gene right below.