The legendary rock band KISS recently shared a photo with a heartbreaking message on their Twitter account with which they bid farewell to their beloved friend, companion, and road-mate, Ron ‘Bear’ Jones.

KISS is one of the most long-running bands of all time and after their 2016 ‘End of the Road World Tour,’ there had been rumors of a new album. In 2018, Stanley had said that their 2019 ‘End of the Road World Tour‘ is going to be their last one ever.

However, some of the tour’s shows were canceled due to Stanley’s health issues and were postponed to 2021. Due to the pandemic, the 2021 shows were also put on hold and the future of KISS became uncertain. Nonetheless, just a couple of days ago, Simmons revealed that the band will continue their final tour, which consists of 150 shows, after the pandemic.

With such a big tour coming up, it was heartbreaking for both KISS members and their fans to find out that the band’s long time friend and bus driver Ron BearJones passed away. With their recent Twitter post, KISS members paid tribute to their friend and coworker and expressed their sorrow for his loss.

They described Ron Jones as the guy who always brought a smile to their face and the person with the biggest heart. KISS posted a smiling photo of the ‘Bear’ and shared their deepest sympathies with Ron’s family and friends. It seems like the tour will go on but with minus one man.

Here’s the message that KISS posted on their official Twitter account:

“We are saddened by the passing of our long time friend and KISS bus driver Ron ‘Bear’ Jones. RIP. He always kept us laughing and only a man that tall could have a heart that big. Our deepest sympathies to his family & friends.”

Check out the tweet posted on KISS’ official Twitter account below.