KISS legends Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons suffer from the coronavirus outbreak once again and this time, it isn’t just all about the music. The co-owners of the ‘Rock & Brews’ has decided to shut down their restaurant because of the lack of chance to pay their rents.

As you might remember, most of the legendary bands forced to postpone their events due to the coronavirus pandemic, and KISS was one of them. They postponed their ‘End Of The Road’ tour to the next year for the safety of the fans and the families.

About three months ago, Gene Simmons made a bold statement and told in the ‘Good Day LA’ television show that the music industry lost billions of dollars during this period. Also, he stated that the real people who are suffering the most are the crew members and workers for the concerts.

It seems like Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley are continuing to getting damaged from the coronavirus because they forced to close their Rock & Brews family restaurant in Hawaii, according to CEO of the restaurant, Adam Goldberg.

Adam spoke in the conversation with ‘The Maui News’ and said that they are forced to shut down the Rock & Brews because fewer tourists are coming to the island due to the coronavirus. He admitted that they tried to drag it out as long as they can but there was no choice rather than shutting down the restaurant because there is no customer base to support their rents and cost.

Here is what Adam Goldberg said:

“Unfortunately, due to COVID that’s affecting all of us in many different ways, we had no choice.

We tried to drag it out as long as we can to get a good understanding of what we think will happen with tourism. But we just don’t see having the customer base to support our rents and our cost.”

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