KISS icon Paul Stanley and new age blues star Joe Bonamassa had a recent Twitter conversation about the growing problem in Los Angeles and how this issue caused two trash-strewn downtown Los Angeles streets.

Here is what Joe wrote:

“I must admit I hate politics and wading in invites nothing but vitriol. But after reading this. Every Elected Official in Los Angeles should be ashamed. Charity starts at home and in my 17 years in LA I have noticed a horrible degradation in our city.”

Paul Stanley responded:

“I have seen it all around the city. What is happening here is astounding and an epidemic in need of immediate attention. On so many levels this has reached a crisis level.”

Joe said that:

“It’s extremely sad to see it happening in real time. I hope one day someone has the ability to fix it or at least start. It doesn’t matter what party. They all need to start actually doing the job they campaigned so hard to get. 😎👍”

You can see the tweets below: