Photo Credit: Official Soul Station Web Site

KISS frontman Paul Stanley shared a recent studio photo on his verified Instagram and revealed that he’s working for a new project.

Stanley said that they are recording a new Soul Station album which will mix classic old tunes with the new one.

Here is his statement:

SOUL STATION ALBUM VOCALS yesterday. Classic old tunes and new. This is really AWESOME.”

mickw85_wyld_ryde_ commented:

“With no disrespect intended…There’s no market for a new KISS album but there is for this? 😕”

3robert62 shared his opinion:

“No kiss album will never match anything as good as 70s kiss😂🤷🏻‍♂️”

qfinch85 also commented:

“What a stupid thing to say. Revenge from a writing and talent level destroyed 70s kiss. Hell carnival of souls was more talented than 70s KISS. But if you’re not a musician then I guess your album sales to the popular crowd overshadows logic.”

You can see the photo below: