The iconic rhythm guitarist and co-lead vocalist of KISS, Paul Stanley posted a photo of himself after voting for the upcoming presidential election, however, he kept the candidate he voted for as a mystery.

KISS legend Paul Stanley often takes his Twitter account to share his reactions on various and political subjects happening in the United States. As the presidential campaign approaches, Stanley has been trying to encourage more citizens to vote since this one would be one of the most crucial elections in American history.

Recently on Twitter, Paul Stanley posted his photo taken right after he voted for the presidential election. In his tweet, Paul urged his fans not to wait and find the most suitable way to vote for themselves as soon as possible.

Mentioning how great it felt like to fulfill a civic duty, Stanley preferred not to share any information about the candidate he voted for. Although he previously criticized certain statements and actions of President Trump, particularly about his attitude towards the coronavirus pandemic, Paul hasn’t openly shown his support for Joe Biden neither.

Here’s what Paul Stanley stated in his latest tweet:

“I voted today! Don’t wait. Find a certified ballot box or mail-in now if you don’t know for sure you will vote in person. It feels awesome to know your voice will count.”

You can see the photo Paul Stanley posted on his Twitter account below.