KISS’ co-lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist, Paul Stanley, recently posted a photo of himself on his Instagram account and paid his respects to Master Luthier Jim Olson who created a true masterpiece for him that completely met his needs.

Paul Stanley is without a doubt one of the few rockstars who enjoy being active on his social media the most. Paul Stanley is an active user of Twitter and Instagram. He uses the first to express his views on social and political matters and rock music, but prefers Instagram when he wants to share sneak peeks from his life, and announce his latest projects.

In the caption of his recent Instagram post, Paul Stanley apologized for a belated shout-out to Calton Cases. He said that he kept hearing their name when he was looking for a custom guitar case and ultimately, he decided to give them a shot. Stanley told Calton Cases that he needed a ‘virtually indestructible‘ case and in the end, he didn’t regret trusting Luthier Jim Olson with this mission.

Stanley said that Luthier Jim Olson is a true master of his craft and that he was astonished when he saw the gorgeous and sturdy ‘The Rose’ that he built for Stanley. Stanley said that Calton Cases make ‘the best custom instrument cases available’ and vouched for their quality and originality.

Here’s what Paul Stanley said in the caption of his recent Instagram post:

“A LONG overdue shout out to Calton Cases. When Master Luthier Jim Olson built ‘The Rose‘ for me, I needed a case that was virtually indestructible to protect it. Calton’s name kept coming up and YES, they build the best custom instrument cases available. See here.”

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