KISS star Paul Stanley has posted a recent tweet on his official Twitter account and shared his best wishes to guitar hero Leslie West whose heart gave up yesterday.

You may already know that Leslie West is one of the most talented guitarists of the century and he’s well known as being the co-lead vocalist of Long Island, New York-based hard-rock band Mountain. His latest ever album was ‘Soundcheck’ which was peaked at number two spot on Billboard’s ‘Top Blues Album’ chard back in 2015.

According to the latest Facebook post of Leslie West’s brother, the guitar legend is now on a ventilator and having a really tough time while he continues his fight with death. Both Leslie’s brother Larry West and Paul Stanley asked fans’ prayers and positive energy with the messages they’ve sent.

Here is the message that was sent by Leslie West’s brother Larry West Weinstein:

“I am asking for all your prayers. Jenni is by his side in Florida but it’s not looking good. Thanks, Jenni, he wouldn’t have made it this far without you.

Larry went on to say: ‘His heart gave out and he’s on a ventilator. May not make it through the night.’

Prayers and love please to the great Leslie West!”

Paul Stanley took that message to his Twitter account and wrote this to his old-time friend:

“Leslie West! The great Mountain is in need of our prayers. This gentleman and guitar hero needs all our positive energy, love, and good thoughts now.”

You can check out the tweet below.