KISS frontman Paul Stanley has shared a support message to his close friend Peter Frampton, who was diagnosed with Inclusion-Body Myositis, on Twitter.

Paul asks for help from fans, and wrote:

“I believe in the power of prayer and positive energy. Please join me and send both to @peterframpton as he continues to battle a degenerative muscle disease. It will be a gift to both him and you. I’m counting on you!”

See the tweet below.

Peter Frampton spoke in an interview with Rolling Stone, and revealed the details of his treatment. He said:

“There’s no specific treatment for IBM. They have traditional medicine that is working. They are coming out with some drug trials. I’m hoping to be involved with those. That is something that is in the future.

Right now, the only thing that works for me is exercise. I work out like a maniac all the time. It’s strengthening the muscle that I have. It seems to be the best possible thing for IBM is to work out every day.”

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