KISS‘ Paul Stanley took to Twitter to voice his criticisms of mainstream media outlets picking sides when reporting the news.

Since its debut in the ’70s, KISS has had a tremendous impact on rock music with its distinctive sound, style, and stage performances. The band brought innovation to the music world with its unique stage presence. Their facial paints, outfits, and stage personalities set them apart from other bands in the industry. They combined their unique style with theatrical stage performances and contributed to the image of rock n roll in the world.

Their influence isn’t limited to their music. Paul Stanley is known to share his opinions on matters throughout his career. His latest criticism was against biased reporting that has been very prominent in mainstream media outlets, especially for the past few years.

Paul Stanley tweeted that news outlets should communicate facts and accurate information rather than biased opinions. He added that people need to hear unbiased facts from the mainstream media to form educated opinions on issues affecting the country.

Paul Stanley’s tweet read:

“WANT TO HAVE A MORE UNIFIED COUNTRY? Have more unified news! Not poisonous bickering & slanted distortions on BOTH sides. How can we form educated points of view when we’re not getting the unbiased truth? We don’t need networks pushing opinions. We need ACCURACY. We need FACTS.”

You can see Paul Stanley’s tweet below.