Photo Credit: Official Soul Station Web Site

KISS’ iconic frontman and a legendary guitarist, Paul Stanley has retweeted a different tweet of David Coverdale on his official Twitter account.

In the video, the woman has had a bad crash when having a good time on Roller Coaster with her friend. And Paul has captioned a funny message with this video.

Here’s what Paul wrote:

“Don’t Ask Me How Many Times I’ve Watched This…”

A fan named Karen Lee said that:

“They’re just boobs, Paul! Haven’t you seen millions?! Lol! Been a fan for 43 years, met you in Bloomingdales in NYC when I was 12.

Best day of my young life. I love you, Sir!!!!”

Another fan Mike commented:

“I just watched it about 15-20 times. Great video.”

Click here to see the tweet.

Also, you can watch the latest interview of Paul Stanley below.