KISS co-founder and the frontman, Paul Stanley, was the latest interview guest of the official YouTube channel of Dan Savoie of 519 Magazine this week and talked about his latest project Soul Station and how KISS has managed to break Guinness World Records in Dubai.

As you may already remember, KISS made a special show in Dubai for New Year’s Eve and the band broke the Guinness World Records for the highest flame projection in a music concert and for most flame projections launched simultaneously.

As Paul Stanley still promotes the latest album named ‘Now and Then’ of Soul Station, he also explained how did they able to perform and break records in Dubai while the whole world was on high alert about the coronavirus on those days. According to Paul, the first thing that organizers said to the band was their wish to break a world record.

Here is the rest of the story:

“It literally happened because of the pandemic. We were asked if we were interested in doing a show in Dubai. And as it evolved, ‘Okay, tell me more.’ ‘We wanna break some Guinness world records.’ ‘Okay, that’s pretty interesting. Tell me more.’

‘And it’ll be a worldwide telecast, and all the shows that people usually watch on New Year’s Eve are not gonna be live, and they’re gonna be repeats.’ ‘Okay. That sounds really great.’ ‘And it’s gonna be this massive outdoor stage.'”

He continued:

“It just kept going. And we went, ‘Yeah. Okay. It sounds like fun. But in the midst of the pandemic, how are we gonna keep everybody safe?’ So we made all kinds of arrangements. And the crew, which was about 500 people, they were tested daily. We were tested if not daily, every other day.

When we rehearsed in Los Angeles, we were in a closed studio. So, all things being said, it was a really unique situation. And having not played in almost a year, it was daunting — it was a challenge. But we rehearsed. We were determined to make it as good as we could.”

You can watch the whole interview below.

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