Iconic KISS frontman Paul Stanley has posted a new tweet on his verified Twitter page, sharing his feelings about his father, William Eisen, and the fans who sent their good vibes on social media.

Paul Stanley recently celebrated his father’s 100th birthday on social media, and many fans sent his love or birthday cheer to him and his father.

Paul expressed his father’s feelings and said that his father felt incredibly warm on his 100th birthday with the messages sent by the fans. In addition, he thanked fans for their behavior.

Here’s what Paul wrote:

“Thank you to all of you who helped my dad feel such an incredible mass of warmth in your greetings to him on his 100th birthday. I am so appreciative and deeply grateful to all of you. He’s MY rock star. Paul.”

A fan named lovewithaKISS commented and wrote:

“You’re welcome, Paul! It’s huge to reach the age of 100! He’s a legend himself not only for being 100.”

Another fan named MissLina_G said:

“Your dad is definitely a rock star! What a milestone! Well done sir and many blessings to you both.”

Check out the tweet below.