KISS frontman Paul Stanley has a bold reaction after the recent mass shooting incident in Texas, which caused at least seven people dead and a dozen injured.

Paul used his official Twitter account to show his reaction, and wrote:

“We don’t have more “crazy “ or “mentally unstable “ people in the US. What we DO have are commonplace mass shootings with automatic and semi-automatic high powered firearms. THAT cannot be disputed. Tell me what we and our government must do. Prayers and sympathy are not enough.”

He also added:

“I DON’T KNOW THE ANSWER but am asking for everyone’s thoughts. Anyone who thinks I should “stay in my lane” should leave now. This is MY house. If you DO have opinions why shouldn’t I? In this case I will leave up some of those dopey comments for your enjoyment. Not again.”

A fan named Holydiver responded to Paul:

“There is no staying in a lane when it comes to the safety and well being of citizens. We still have free speech in this country. No one (aside from the military) needs an AR-15 or equivalent. If you say for hunting, bugger off!”

Another fan said:

“Paul I don’t understand why Americans think they need guns in the first place unless you are a hunter or in the military or a police officer I don’t get it as I am from Ontario Canada and it is not like we don’t have gun violence but we just can’t get guns as easily as in the USA”

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