The legendary frontman of KISS, Paul Stanley, has shared an interesting video of his beloved father, William Eisen, via his official Twitter account.

Many of the celebrities have shared a lot of messages & photos about the coronavirus on their social media accounts for a few weeks. Apparently, it will be continued this week because the virus keeps spreading the whole over the world.

Today, Paul Stanley shared a heartwarming video of his father on Twitter and showed off how his father is doing his exercises against the danger of coronavirus.

We can see in the video that he is looking very powerful although. In addition, Paul’s father will celebrate his 100th birthday two weeks later.

Here’s what Paul wrote with it:

My Dad Will Be 100 YEARS OLD IN TWO WEEKS! Here’s What He’s Doing Today While In Covid-19 Isolation.

WOW!!! So Proud. Go, Dad!!!

A fan named Kanp Krüde commented:

“It’s no wonder you’re still running around on stage wearing platform boots.”

Another fan named Jimmy K. wrote this:

“He got to watch his son become a HUGE rock star. Good job man.”

You can watch the video of them right below.