KISS frontman Paul Stanley has shared a new post on his official Twitter account and made a statement for the people who do not take coronavirus seriously.

At the start of this year, China started to report a new threat to human life, which is a highly contagious virus that currently spread across the world. Since then, this virus, named COVID-19, infected over 300K people and killed 13K patients.

Even with the danger of coronavirus, most people still don’t care about it. Because of that, Paul Stanley got angry at these people and stated that they should start to take control immediately.

Here is what Paul Stanley said:

“No people… This is not another flu. Everyone who has minimized the extent, ferocity, and contagiousness of Covid-19 has one by one been proven wrong. The longer you wait to take control the bigger the risk to you and more importantly the people who are trying to control this.”

A fan user named Vini replied:

“I am locked in my house with my husband and dogs. We go out a few times a day to walk the dogs. It is so creepy walking down deserted streets. Stay inside. Not just for you but for those more susceptible to the virus.”

Another fan named Vinnie Lopez wrote:

“Thank you, Paul. I have been a Paramedic for over 25 years. We are facing a tough battle. My wife is an ICU nurse in the battle as well.”

You can read his tweet below.