As you might all know that Hanukkah is a well-known Jewish festival that is observing for eight days and nights starting Sunset, 22 December to 30 December this year.

The legendary KISS member Paul Stanley didn’t forget these special days of the Jewish people and celebrated their Hanukah.

Here is what Paul wrote on his verified and official Twitter account:

“HAPPY HANUKKAH To All Celebrating!”

A user named Letricia commented:

“Chag sameach to you, @genesimmonsand yours, Paul! May LOVE guide the hearts of all people of good faith!❤”

Another user, Joohenos wrote this:

“Happy Chanukah Sir, I hope this holiday is a very good one for you.

I don’t celebrate anymore due to personal decisions but I still respect and sip my father celebrating.💙🤍🕎✡️”

You can check out the tweet of Paul below.