KISS fan forum member Goady recently attended the KISS show in Osaka, Japan and shared several important points that took place during the show.

One of these major points that he shared on the fan forum was that KISS frontman Paul Stanley stated that this show was his last time in Osaka.

Here’s what the user wrote:

“My second show of the Japan tour. Key points:

For me better than Tokyo. The band seemed more tight musically and also relaxed in attitude. Let me go RnR was phenomenal tonight. Find the beginning of Black Diamond on YouTube to see them joking around with each other.

Yoshiki played Beth and RnRan again.

Do you love me replacing Crazy Nights, otherwise standard setlist?

Crowd atmosphere phenomenal as per Tokyo.

Loads of the venue staff (pretty young ladies) wore professionally applied KISS make-up and very amenable for selfies. Created a great pre-gig atmosphere.

Paul stated ‘last time in Osaka’. He didn’t say this in Tokyo which convinces me further they will play Tokyo again early 2021 when they no doubt reschedule Auz.

Strangely I felt was more pyro in Osaka than Tokyo, including Tommy rocket shooting guitar, which Tokyo didn’t have. I guess H&S more relaxed in Osaka?

I thoroughly enjoyed the show and for those who continue to complain about the setlist, Eric&Tommy, lip-syncing, lack of stage moves. Well, I have seen KISS in many guises since 1984 and this was up there with the best!

Can’t wait for the final show tomorrow in Nagoya.”

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