In a recent interview with a world-wide magazine, Rolling Stone, KISS frontman Paul Stanley talked about their farewell tour and explained why they wanted to do that farewell tour.

He also mentioned about the difficulties of doing music at their ages, and said:

“We can’t be running around for that much longer in 40 pounds of gear. There’s nothing maudlin about it. It’s a celebration with our fans around the world.

We wanted to raise the bar again as to what a band can do live,” he adds. “That’s really what we’ve always done: we’ve always wanted to be the band we never saw. There are a lot of shows out there that have KISS DNA in them because they really weren’t shows of any magnitude before us.”

He also said:

“Airbnb approached us with this idea that sounded, quite frankly, a little weird, but we’re used to being approached with things that are a little weird,” Paul Stanley tells Rolling Stone. “I’ve played for a lot of land sharks. Now I finally get a chance to play for the ocean varieties.”

Interviewer asked the best swimmer of KISS, and Paul responded:

“Gene was once a lifeguard. So yeah, I would say it’s probably Gene. And we may find out when we throw him in the water.”

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