KISS’ iconic frontman Paul Stanley had a new conversation in Dean Delray’s 500th episode of Let There Be Talk podcast this week.

As you will read Paul’s statement below, KISS legend said that it was a thrilling moment seeing Led Zeppelin’s Jimmy Page for the first time.

Paul also admitted that there was huge sexual energy in the air when he first saw Jimmy. Here is what Paul said to Dean:

“I saw Zeppelin in, I think it was August of ’69 – between the first and second [album]. And they were actually playing ‘What Is And What Should Never Be’ [that was released as the second track on ‘Led Zeppelin II’], a couple of those tracks.”

And Jimmy [Page] had his bow and they were panning his guitar left and right so he could point it. I was just absolutely blown away. To this day, I’ve never seen anything that was that perfect.”

He continued:

“Not just in terms of the synchronicity and the fact that everybody was so much on the same playing field – it was the sexual energy that was coming off the stage, the flamboyance, the cocksure attitude. They backed it up. I think they knew how great they were. And I was just…

First of all, the band was spectacular and played – I won’t use any profanity – but they played tighter than a something… So, they were amazing.

And Robert Plant was singing like something from another planet. He was hitting notes effortlessly, and there was such bravado in everything they were doing, it just blew me away.”

You can listen to the whole interview below.

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