KISS frontman Paul Stanley made a little question and answer session on his official Twitter account and answered the questions that he got from his Twitter fans.

While answering the questions, Paul has revealed what he really thinks about the political attitude of Pink Floyd singer and bassist Roger Waters. 

A Twitter user asked:

“Do you think that musicians should get involved with political issues and make statements in their concerts, as Roger Waters, the co-founder of Pink Floyd often courageously does so?”

Paul responded:

“You obviously think it’s ‘courageous’ so I’ll just say anyone can have an opinion but knowing what you’re talking about is also important”

A fan named Darrell replied to Paul:

“I have always appreciated that KISS DOESN’T get overtly political! It would only alienate half of their fans.”

Another fan named Kevin said:

“I wouldn’t go to a concert to be guided politically/religiously, BUT the artists are in charge and must be able to express and explain their lyrics. It’s gracious to keep it to a minimum duration as to avoid preaching in my opinion. All songs aren’t as they seem. It enlightens.”

You can see the original tweet of Paul below.