The legendary co-founder and fronting member of KISS, Paul Stanley, posted a recent tweet on his verified and official Twitter account and shared the recent gift he had from Les Paul team member named Kim.

As you might check out the tweet of Paul below, he stated that he saw legendary guitarist Joe Bonamassa’s reworked 59′ Sunburst Les Paul and ordered the same one for himself.

Here is what he wrote:

“I Had An AWESOME’59 Sunburst Les Paul With A Not Great Refine.

I Saw@JBONAMASSA’s Reworked One And Sent Mine Off To Historic Makeovers And WOW!!! Thanks, Kim And The Team!”

A Twitter user named Anita Pedrino asked this:

“Is this the one named after our lost brother Steven or the one I wanted to put a Bowie on? I love your guitars.🎸🎶🎵”

Another user named 🕸NJ🕇Mikey responded:

“Yep that’s Steven😎👍🎸🎶”

You can see the tweet and see some fans’ reactions below.