KISS icon Paul Stanley spoke in the recent interview with Richard Marx and slammed the people who started a war against famous doctor Anthony Fauci during the coronavirus discussions.

In the conversation, Paul stated its shame that people are trying to blame Anthony Fauci as working in the ‘deep state’ and said that these accusations are not productive to fight against the coronavirus.

Also, Paul mentioned that doctors are still trying the find solution for the virus and looking for the contagious factors, and that’s why ‘wearing a mask’ discussions are still ongoing.

Here is what Paul Stanley said:

“You have somebody like Anthony Fauci talking, and for all of his credentials, there are still people who are questioning his agenda and whether he’s part of the ‘Deep State’ — there are terms that are thrown around.

I don’t know where they started. But it’s a shame — it is so unproductive. And I hope we’ll see a time where the country will find the things that bind us together rather than suspicions that tear us apart.”

Paul Stanley about masks and death rate of the coronavirus:

“When this pandemic first started, people were touting figures of, ‘Well, the swine flu killed X amount of people,’ yes, in a year. These figures that we have are over two months. And this is far from over.

And then we have people say, ‘Well, the experts keep changing their opinion.’ That’s actually a good thing. This is all the unknown. And because it’s the unknown, it means that, yes, this is fluid.”

He added:

“It means that, over time, ‘Don’t wear a mask.’ ‘Yes, wear mask.’ What are the contagious factors? That changes over time. It doesn’t negate the credibility of the people talking. It shows that they are on the frontline. But it’s lost on some people.”

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